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"My credit was in the dumps and Dynasty Credit got the negatives removed from my credit report whiched helped me get back my great credit. I went from a score of 510 to now over 700!! Thanks Dynasty, you guys are amazing!"

Daniel F. / Mac Software / Developer

"I wanted to say that I thought I would never be able to purchase a home. I had a bankruptcy and was denied a loan, I called Dynasty and spoke with one of thier representatives who helped me with getting my BK deleted. I can proudly say that I am now a new home owner and the process was painless and took less time than I thought. You guys did what I thought would be impossible! Thank you so much."

Kenneth L. / Macintosh / Marketing Rep

"I got to admit, I was skeptical. Everyone claims they can get things removed from someones credit. I decided to try these guys, and to my surprise they were able to get several items removed from my credit. I now have a great credit score because, of Dynasty. These guys helped me tremendously. Thanks again and I recommend, you give them a try!"

Alvin G. / Belagio / Cook

"A friend of mine told me to give this company a call because, her husband had used them and they were able to help him. So I called and explained to them my situation about my credit. I went in for a consultation and they immediately went to work on my file. It cost me $100 to start and they were able to get several things removed, in the first round of service. It cost a total of $300 to get all of my negatives removed.  I did three rounds of service and now have awesome credit. Don't miss out on this opportunity, if you need help."

Angela J. / Dollar Store / Clerk

"My car kept breaking down and I needed a new one but, wasn't able to get approved for one. I contacted one of the representatives at Dynasty and within 90-days I walked into a car dealership, purchased a car with no money down and an intrest rate of 1.99%. So when I say, give these guys a call, I'm living proof of how they can help. I recommend Dynasty to everyone I know that needs help rebuilding their credit!"

Lynndon P. / MGM Grand / Desk Clerk

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